riding technique training - Part 3: Uphill riding

With Roxy you will learn some important riding skills that will surely help you on the trails.

Today we finish with Uphill Passages - how to ride technical passages and roots uphill.

You can learn how to master uphill passages safely here.


Step 1: Gear selection

Ideally, you will be able to maintain a cadence of 55-75 revolutions by shifting to the appropriate gear in good time.

Step 2: Direction of gaze

Always look 1-2 seconds ahead, find a good riding line and avoid aiming at the "dangers". Look where you want to go and not where you don't want to go.

Step 3: Body position

In the series of photos you can clearly see how the body moves further forward in the bike as the gradient increases. Especially with sudden changes in steepness, e.g. on root steps, it is therefore advantageous to stand up in order to be able to move better in the bike. Standing up also has the advantage that the bike can roll over obstacles more easily, as you can "absorb" the bike and not get a knock from the saddle.

Roxys pro tip

"If the terrain becomes too steep and uneven, as is the case in this root passage, it is therefore essential that you alternate between a sitting and standing position when pedalling in order to let the bike work under you and maintain traction."

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