The new Pulsium now available!

The Pulsium is now more distinctive than ever! Its clean design, sleeker lines and versatility make it perfect for racing, endurance and long weekends spent bikepacking. Opening the way to a variety of activities, the new Pulsium offers all the advantages of a carbon bike: elegance, comfort, dynamism, a smooth ride and the power of disc brakes. The Pulsium warmly welcomes you into the cycling family!

A clean design, and surprisingly comfortable

Don’t take it at face value! The Pulsium benefits from premium finishing, regardless of the level of equipment. We have designed it for elegance, with the cleanest lines possible. Thanks to its specific design and its HR 24T carbon fibre, the Pulsium is even more comfortable than it looks.

The new Lapierre Pulisum 2021

The end of the road? Keep cycling!

Sometimes, you have to turn back when the road suddenly stops. With the new Pulsium Disc, the frame and the fork are designed to take tyres up to 700x35. Mix up your outings and enjoy a variety of activities – roads, gravel tracks, light bikepacking – anything is possible with the new Pulsium! Try something new and discover new trails.

The new Lapierre Pulisum 2021 – Claim 2

Pad or Disc

Are you more traditional or futuristic? With the Pulsium, the choice is yours. Either traditional braking with pads, or you can benefit from all the advantages of disc brakes: smooth, high quality braking in all weather conditions.

The new Lapierre Pulisum 2021 – Claim 3

Sporty but reassuring, the new Pulsium offers the ideal compromise between its dynamic sporty side and its more cautious side. This is a bike that is more stable on the flat and very reassuring when going downhill, with healthy handling thanks to 415 mm chainstays and a longer wheelbase.

The new geometry, with higher handlebars and stem and a less aggressive stack to reach ratio, makes you feel that you can go further without getting tired. This is the aim of the Pulsium, to take you as far as possible without you even noticing.

  • The frame design of the new Lapierre Pulsium range 2021
    Frame Design

    All of our knowledge and expertise in unidirectional (UD) fibres have gone into the construction of the new Pulsium’s frame. HR 24T UD fibre was chosen to provide a frame that is resistant, laterally stiff and yet vertically compliant for comfort. Also, the new Pulsium has not forgotten its sporting origins. Now ‘UCI approved’, you will be able to set off on any race and be certain that your strength will be transformed into speed.
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