Becky Gribble

Becky Gribble


Your age and county

I am 23 years old and I live in Cornwall. 

What do you get up to outside of cycling?

When I’m not on my bike, usually you’ll find me by the sea. I’ve grown up doing water sports and am still very much a water baby. I love to surf, Paddleboard, sea swim, and go on beach walks. If I’m not out exercising in some way, I’m usually baking or spending some time with family and friends. I also currently work in care, but am focused on entering an environmental role that helps me express my love for the ocean and importance of protecting the environment

How long you've been riding?

I dabbled with cycling from mid 2017, however I started focusing on cycling and realising the advantages of the sport from 2019.

Your cycling journey

My cycling journey started as extra training for my swimming career. When diagnosed with epilepsy in 2019, my sporting life was redirected. I used Covid lockdowns to get out riding, which led to racing for teams and exploring my love of both road cycling and more adventurous gravel and mountain biking. Every time I’m on the bike I achieve something else or learn something new. Cycling has been the perfect safe haven to help and protect my mental health and physical health.

Preferred discipline

Gravel is by far my favourite discipline; I love the freedom it gives you to explore on and off road. You can venture to places you’d never dream of otherwise. 

Favourite Lapierre model

Lapierre has so many stunning bikes that offer unique advantages for their discipline. My personal favourites are the Crosshill models, from the subtle ECrosshill to the standard. These bikes are worth shouting about.

What you love about cycling?

Cycling reminds me that it only takes five minutes of activity to get you into a better headspace, it makes me feel happy, allows me to compete and create new friendships. Cycling has an incredible community that is always there for you. As a sport, it opens you up to new challenges and adventures, also letting you choose if they are solo or joint ventures.

What you would like to see in the future of cycling and the brand?

I would love to see cycling continue to improve and promote females in the sport. To encourage and provide anyone that might want to try the sport or push themselves further support to do so. The sport is also used to reduce car-use and promote a healthier practice for people and the environment, I truly believe this is the future. Cycling for good is something that both brands and individuals can strive for. As a cycling brand it’s great to see a mixture of male and female athletes representing them, from a variety of backgrounds. A combination of high level athletes to those exploring their limits and personal benefits.