Edge 2.7 Women 2023


Edge 2.7 Women 2023

Wheel size27.5 ”

Frame size

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Cycling for everyone! That's been the philosophy at Lapierre for 70 years. And the Edge is for all women who want to have their first experience on the trails! Lapierre's know-how developed on our women’s range is now available for all models in the range. Discover the joy of riding the trails, tackling your first descent, riding alone, with family or friends, all on a small budget. 

Key Features

  • Design that suits women

    The Edge 2.7W has been developed with a geometry that specifically suits women. The design on the top of the frame makes it easy to step over and mount the bike. Specific sizes have been developed, ranging from XS to M.
  • A meticulous design

    Even in the entry-level models the details are meticulous. The frame of the Edge is modern, allowing routing of the conduits and brake lines, giving the entire mountain bike an elegant design.
  • Versatile wheels

    The Edge 2.7 is available with a 27.5” wheel size, which guarantees greater versatility by adapting to any type of track. It has also been developed to suit small physiques.