NamedSport Total Energy Shot Orange 25 X 60ML

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    This blend of maltodextrin, low GI isomaltulose PalatinoseTM, dextrose and fructose provide energy in a continuous and gradual way keeping the body fuelled. This product features Maca and Mate plus the NAMEDSPORT Hydra4G MATRIX - a mineral blend of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium which help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

    •  Featuring NAMEDSPORT Hydra4G matrix
    •  Maltodextrin with different release D.E. ensuring instant and long lasting energy
    •  With low GI isomaltulose PalatinoseTM
    •  Delivers 26g of energy giving carbs
    •  Mate (870mg) and Maca (350mg)
    •  Magnesium helps to alleviate fatigue and tiredness
    •  Particularly suitable for endurance sports
    •  100ml pouch with resealable screw top
    Sold as: Pack of 25