WeeRide Safe Front Child Bike Seat


WeeRide Safe Front Child Bike Seat


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The WeeRide Safe Front is the best front mounted baby bike seat. It is the best because it isn't actually a front mounted cycle seat but is a centre mounted child cycle seat. Front mounted child bike carriers put all the child's weight on the handlebars which means steering is more difficult; your child gets thrown around and most importantly are unsafe in our opinion if you need to stop quickly.
Our centre mounted kids bike seat puts all the weight centrally and your child is safely wrapped in your arms. This means you can use a WeeRide baby bike seat earlier than any other child bike seat. The first time you ride with the baby bike seat you realise why it gets the best child bike seat reviews as it is such fun being able to chat to your child and point things out. This is the safest baby bike seat most fun baby bike seat and the best-selling baby bike seat.
  • A unique CENTRE MOUNTED bike seat for children.
  • Number 1 selling bike seat in the UK and US.
  • Recommended for ages from 1-4 years. Though can be used as soon as neck muscles are strong enough, i.e. 6-9 months.
  • Allows the rider to communicate with their child. Child's needs can be dealt with.
  • The seat can be removed in seconds for solo riding.
  • Fits all bikes including oversized head tubes and full suspension of 16""+ (except drop handle bars). Comes with its own bar so fits to Ladies and Mens bikes. New adaptor available for zero headset bikes. Best mountain bike baby seat.
  • In the box – seat mounting bar tools extended bolts for oversized tubes, i.e. everything you need.