e-Zesty AM Ltd 2021

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e-Zesty AM Ltd 2021

e-Zesty AM Ltd 2021



e-Zesty AM Ltd 2021

Wheel size27.5 ”

Frame size



Unleash the heat 

The feeling of a real All Mountain with the little extra power that will make the difference. We have a duty to offer bicycles that can be fitted to everyone’s needs. Our requirement was to offer a different product for “electro-sceptics” or people who want to switch to a softer engine. We have therefore combined the best of our know-how to create a new generation of e-MTB AM. A smooth and jerk-free engine that is totally forgotten when you ride more than 25 kph, leaving the possibility of free pedalling without resistance and without noise. A promising autonomy to provide maximum pleasure. A precise bike in the driving, which allows you to position yourself correctly and easily. The e-Zesty is certainly heavier than a non-electric MTB in the same category, but this overweight is quickly forgotten when it comes to riding in committed single

Key Features

  • The same in a different form

    The starting point was the idea of offering you, based on our Zesty, an integrated, lightweight and potentially removable drive system to enjoy your e-Zesty to suit your mood and shape on a particular day. The basis existed already: Ultimate UD SL carbon frame, 27.5” wheels and 150 mm front/rear clearance; make no mistake, this is the soul of the Zesty AM, but boosted by the motor.
  • Fazua 1.0 system

    The Fazua 1.0 system is simple: it offers you the solution of using the motor/battery pack to master ascents using its 50 Nm motor torque and 250 Wh of battery power. Alternatively, riding without it, making your e-Zesty AM 3 kg lighter to regain the feel of a normal Zesty - or almost!
  • Special eZesty wheels

    Our Lapierre eAM+ tubeless-ready wheels are specifically designed for the performances of this hybrid mountain bike. Hence, the choice of carbon rims to save weight and boost pick-ups. Their 27.5” diameter and 35 mm rim width are specific to this electric mountain bike.