Xelius SL 9.0 2023

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Xelius SL 9.0 2023

Xelius SL 9.0 2023


The Xelius is a light carbon road bike that is both comfortable and ultra-fast. Good when climbing and descending, fast on the flat and comfortable, it is at ease in all circumstances. Lighter, more responsive and with better aerodynamic performance, the new Xelius SL embodies the evolution of the classic competition bike. 

Key Features

  • A redesigned frame

    The frame of the Xelius SL has been redesigned for sleeker lines and the total integration of its cables and sheaths in the frame. This new version is also more aerodynamic than the last. These changes give this bike its temperament and emphasize its racy look.
  • New wheels designed by Lapierre

    The new rim is 38 mm in height and has a wider profile (21 mm between the crochet rims) with a NACA profile that improves both stability at high speed and air penetration. This latest generation of wheels is more aerodynamic, faster and more responsive.
  • Handlebar-stem combo

    New handlebar-stem combo in ultra-light carbon designed to improve handling during sprints and stability on downhill stretches.