Lemon x Lapierre Collection

When art takes the wheel of the bike

The word performance is at centre of everyday life at Lapierre. emotion and inspiration are those of the artist Sophia Lemonnier. The two worlds, sports, and art, which may seem so far apart, intersect to finally, thanks to this new collection become one.

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The artwork, designed especially for Lapierre by Sophia Lemonnier, is in the pure style of Lemon's unstructured creations.

It depicts a cyclist in motion as they venture along roads and paths, through plains and valleys, with the mountains as a backdrop under a beautiful summer sun.

This work is revealed on the jersey with a deconstructed design of an almost continuous silhouette, across the front and back, and with a colourful design located on the back pockets, the inside of the neck and on the bottom of the right sleeve.

The use of 3 primary colours brings simplicity but also visual balance to the composition, like the balance needed to move forward with each pedal stroke.

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