Pulsium Allroad : RIDE ALL ROADS

The Ultimate Allroad bike

Get out of your routine

Breaking the routine, not doing the same routes over and over again, or simply having a desire to go bikepacking, the Pulsium AllRoad is designed to help you take new roads, new paths, (re)awaken your taste for discovery, and surprise you with new horizons.

It is when the roads separate, when the asphalt gives way to gravel and forest paths and tracks, that the Pulsium Allroad is there to help you continue on your way and allow you to discover new horizons: a sporty character with an adventurous spirit.

The Puslium Allroad is the ultimate two-in-one bike: powerful, comfortable, and ready to go the extra mile. Yet equally at ease for a fast 100% asphalt road trip or mixing asphalt with white roads and towpaths or forest tracks.

A solid carbon construction for any adventure

Whether you're going for a day trip a weekend away, or even longer, the Pulsium AllRoad is sure to take you almost anywhere.

Based on the Pulsium endurance frame, the new AllRoad is available in two versions, standard or equipped with our SAT system. Both frames are made of UD L carbon with HR carbon fibers that prioritize comfort, performance and strength.

Lapierre SAT Technology

Our patented Lapierre SAT (Shock Absorption Technology) elastomer provides better filtration of low frequency vibrations to improve comfort over long distances. Lighter than a shock absorber and maintenance-free, it reduces and diffuses vertical vibrations that cause muscle and nerve fatigue.

Equipment and geometry designed for adventure

Based on our Pulsium endurance bike, the Pulsium AllRoad's geometry is perfectly tuned for long hours in the saddle. The zero offset seat post straightens the rider's posture and the high cockpit combined with a shorter stem lifts the position for long rides with maximum comfort.

Pulsium SAT AllRoad 6.0

Spearheading the Pulsium Allroad range, is the SAT AllRoad 6.0 with its complete GRX RX810 groupset. The ultimate for riding on all roads and trails. The 46-30 transmission and the 11-34 cassette will let you take on the steepest slopes in an almost perfect silence thanks to the Shadow RD+ system.

Pulsium Allroad 5.0

Enter the Pulsium AllRoad universe with Lapierre's gravel-like aluminum handlebars with 16° flare and flat top for a better grip even on the trails. The advantage of the Pulsium AllRoad 5.0 is its Shimano GRX RX600 mechanical drivetrain for the shifters and the 46x30 crankset, and the GRX RX810 derailleurs thanks to the reliability of the drivetrain but also to ride without chain noise thanks to the Shadow RD+ rear derailleur tensioning system.

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