World Cup Opener in Mairipora

Mairipora in Brazil is a race designed for exciting and close overtaking maneuvers. The racecourse is fast and runs through the Brazilian jungle. The event is characterized by Brazilian carnival and loud fans.



In the XCC race on Friday, Malene Degn finished in 19th place. Sebastian Fini crossed the finish line in 39th place. Thomas Litscher secured his first podium of the season by finishing in 5th place.


In the women's classification, Malene Degn finished in 30th place. Sebastian Fini achieved 31st place in the men's elite category, while Thomas Litscher was unable to finish the race.

2nd Worldcup in Araxá, Brazil

Araxá is located about 6 hours north of Mairipora and is known for its stunning waterfalls, mountains, and dense rainforest. The racecourse is one of the more technical tracks of the season and can be influenced by the weather. When it rains, the track becomes slippery. The combination of trails, flat sections, and steep descents makes Araxá a unique experience.



  • Thomas Litscher finished in 7th place.

  • Sebastian Fini finished in 32nd place.

  • Malene Degn finished in 23rd place in the women's classification.


On Saturday:

  • Malene Degn finished in 26th place.

  • Thomas Litscher also finished in 26th place in the men's classification.

  • Sebastian Fini finished in 44th place.

  • Sam Fox finished in 55th place.

European Championships

From May 8th to 12th, the European Championships took place in Romania. The races were characterized by persistent rain and low temperatures.



In the short track, only Malene Degn and Thomas Litscher from the Lapierre Mavic Unity Team participated. Malene Degn finished in 19th place, and Thomas Litscher finished in 27th place.


In the XCO distance:

  • Anni Last finished in 15th place.

  • Malene Degn finished in 19th place.

  • In the men's classification, Thomas Litscher secured 20th place, closely followed by his teammate Sebastian Fini in 21st place.

The ultimate classic in Nove Mesto

Nove Mesto is renowned for its short climbs, fast and technical descents with rooty sections. The race takes place in front of a massive, enthusiastic crowd! Some say the cheering and encouragement are so loud that you can't even hear your own bike's freewheel—and that's saying something!



In the XCC on Friday:

  • Thomas Litscher achieved a strong 3rd place. Sebastian Fini finished in 20th place, while Malene Degn also finished in 20th place in the women's classification.


Malene Degn finished in 33rd place, followed by Annie Last who crossed the finish line as 38th. Lauren Molengraaf secured 35th place in the U23 category. In the men's category, Thomas Litscher finished in 21st place. Sam Fox finished in 46th place, while Sebastian Fini finished in 62nd place.

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