More of a boost

Equipped with the brand new Bosch "Smart System", the Overvolt AM 2022 lets you go faster, further. Thanks to its built-in 750 Wh battery, you can add up the mileage without a worry.

The new Bosch "Smart System" comprising the Performance Line CX Gen4 motor, the new KIOX 300 control panel with the LED remote control and the new 750 Wh PowerTube battery is the nec plus ultra in terms of electric bicycle power.

To host this new platform, we have changed the geometry and the design of the Overvolt AM. It now inherits all of the work done on the GLP2 to centralise weight and lower the centre of gravity as low as possible for finer and more accurate riding control. Plenty of work was also done on the motor unit finish and on how to integrate the battery

Lapierre Overvolt 2022 - Bosch Smart System

These changes come with a geometry that adapts so that every time you finish a ride, you want to get back out there again!

These changes comprise:

  • A more upright saddle angle to bring the centre of gravity closer to the centre for better pedalling efficiency

  • A more stretched out steering angle for improved steering stability

  • Longer wheelbase to improve overall stability

  • A higher control position for improved comfort

This bike will bring you the impression it was thought out and designed just for you!

Lapierre Overvolt 2022 - Bosch Smart System

The Bosch "Smart System" platform will be available on the following three models:

  • Overvolt AM 8.7

  • Overvolt AM 7.7

  • Overvolt AM 6.7

The Bosch "Smart System" will also be available on three other electrically assisted mountain bike models using the Performance Line CX motor. Hence the Overvolt TR 6.7 and the Overvolt HT 9.7 and HT 9.7 Mix bikes will also have the new PowerTube 750 Wh battery and the LED remote control to optimally manage the various assistance modes.

All of the information will be available soon from our website to stay connected!

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