Lapierre X Alpine

A recipe for elegance

Take 78 years of history and passion, add luxury cars and sprinkle it all with pure snow: you’ve got the perfect recipe for performance.  The brand new Lapierre Aircode DRS Alpine Edition is hitting the roads and once again embodies the elegance of the partnership between Lapierre and Alpine. Like yin and yang, these two visions have combined, merged and complemented each other since 2002 to promote French know-how!

Aircode DRS SE, the insatiable rider

Rediscover the taste for speed. Re-engage with the delights of cycling. As winter comes to an end and lethargy makes way for the budding of spring, the Aircode DRS awakens your appetite for adventure. Even on mountain roads, still steaming with moisture, this new bicycle bursts out of the shadows and speeds up your hunger to clock up the miles.

Always ready to reset and push back the limits of what's possible, this special edition brings its own vision of the road. Its aggressive design studied in wind tunnels encourages confidence and asserts your personality: this year, the only limits will be set by you!

With a high-module carbon frame designed to cut through the air, the rider will be energised from the very first turns of the wheels. Firstly thanks to 3D Tubular technology, which, at the junction of the seat tube, reduces aerodynamic drag and increases performance at high speeds.

Responsiveness is also provided through the carbon wheels, which give the streamlined frame significant power savings from 30 kph. The ultra-light (and integrated) cockpit, with the formidable Dura-Ace Di2 electric groupset, provides the fluidity needed to control the bike at high speed. Are you ready to eat up the km?

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