A history of enthusiasts


A history of enthusiasts

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Seventy-five years of history and it’s only just beginning.
Lapierre. A name that has spanned the decades like a fast-paced Groupama-FDJ time trial bike. Seventy-five years have flown by and Lapierre cycles now have people watering at the mouth. Four generations for a legacy guided by passion
Through this book, step into the history of the Dijon brand. You’ll meet the people who have shaped the brand; you’ll discover their stories and relive the highlights that have marked the history of Lapierre. In the end, all of these stories interweave, leading to Lapierre celebrating its 75th anniversary today,
“Behind success, there is always history,” Gilles Lapierre likes to hammer home from his office.
“A name that is not ready to disappear in view of the passion and determination that inhabits the one hundred or so restless minds working in the organisation. ”
“It was a Monday. I was sitting quietly at my desk and he said to me:”this isn't your desk anymore.” I’ve had enough, I’ve done it all, you’re an adult, you’re the boss now.” It was the handover, the logical next step,” Jacky Lapierre.


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