Zesty TR 4.9 2023


Zesty TR 4.9 2023

Wheel size29 ”

Frame size

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Versatile. Simple. Efficient. And fun! That’s how the Zesty TR 4.9 could be defined. Our historic model at Lapierre can do everything, or nearly! Get the most out of a comfortable and enjoyable bike with 120/130 mm clearance for your cross-country outings. The Zesty TR suits your moods and its geometry is similar to an All Mountain with some cross-country accents.

Key Features

  • The Zesty hallmark

    The Zesty TR frame is made from the same multi-layer Suprême 5 aluminium alloy as the Zesty AM. It has many advantages: it is light, edgy, sturdy and reliable. Attention has been paid to every detail in terms of finish: smooth-welding, internal routing of the conduits, Metric kinematics and standard Boost, making the Zesty TR a frame in line with the times.
  • 120 mm of sheer enjoyment

    Its geometry geared towards the joy of singletrack riding and accelerating out of curves, the specific kinematics of the suspension and the 120 mm rear clearance (double-position LP AF2 Air shock absorber) mean that the Zesty TR 4.9 will give you the impression of having a bike with more clearance.
  • A punch way above its weight

    With its 29” wheels based on an aluminium rim and standard Boost hubs, the Zesty 4.9 takes you into the realm of trail bikes that can ride fast, hurtle down slopes with ease and meander along singles. It gains in stability, and you will gain in riding confidence too!