Six great reasons more and more people are ditching their car in favour of bikes

The pace of modern life is fast. The pressure to get to every destination quicker and more efficiently is greater than ever before. And in the UK cars have become the everyday tool that people rely on for their mobility. They are the go-to mode of transport to pop to the shop, to take the kids to school, for the commute. Most people find it difficult to imagine their lives without one.

Cars may seem like the easiest and most convenient choice, but are they always the best choice? It cannot be ignored that they do have their drawbacks and sometimes there are benefits to putting the car keys down and going by bike instead.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

It is globally acknowledged that transport accounts for around a quarter of all CO2 emissions. This is a fact that should not be ignored, and we all have a responsibility to consider the necessity of each journey we make by car to reduce our personal impact on the world around us. Even dropping a single car journey a week will have a positive effect on reducing your carbon footprint and limiting your impact on the environment.

It’s not just the environment on a wider scale, either. Fewer cars on the road means less emissions in your neighbourhood. Studies have linked car emissions to increased risks of children developing asthma or suffering an asthma attack. Less emissions mean improved air quality on the very streets which you, your family and friends live on.


The cost-of-living crisis has a firm grip on the country and doesn’t show signs of relenting any time soon, counting the pennies and pounds has never been so important for so many. As bikes are fuelled by pedal power, the strain on the wallet is minimal – and the annual maintenance cost is typically somewhere in the tens, rather than the hundreds (or even thousands on a particularly bad MOT year) of pounds.

If you want to reduce your number of visits to the fuel pump, just make that trip by bike when you can and keep the fuel in your tank for when you really need it.


Not only has car reliance clogged our roads and streets, it’s affected our physical health. We walk less, we cycle less, and it’s had a detrimental effect on our wellbeing. So, one of the clearest benefits of going by bike is the health benefits it provides. Going by pedal power, even if you choose an electric assist, gets the heart pumping, the lungs working and exercises your whole body. This reduces your risks of serious disease like heart disease, but also making an overall fitter and happier you.

Not only will it improve your physical health, it can help with your mental wellness. Slowing things down can reduce your levels of stress and has the benefit of bringing some much needed joy to your journey.

Slowing things down

The car cuts you off from the world around you, cocooned in your vehicle you miss so much of what the world has to offer. A bike immerses you in your surroundings, the sights, smells and sounds of your environment are within easy reach. You might discover secret lanes, new coffee stops, hidden gems you never knew existed before as you traveled past encased in a metal box. And the benefit of being on your bike means there is no searching for parking. You can just stop when the mood takes you.

Cycling brings the streets to life.

Amazing capability

It’s only human to have some misgivings about trying a new way of doing things. But we shouldn’t let these fears stand in the way of taking that step and making a change.

Worried about the amount of storage a bike provides? Adding a pannier to your luggage rack, will give you enough carrying capacity for a weekly shop. Concerned about riding in poor weather? There are plenty of waterproof clothing options, or be a fair-weather rider, every effort you make to reduce the number of car journeys will help. Not sure how to take the kids? There are plenty of trailers and ride-a-long options for children to ride on their own, (plus the kids will find it a lot more exciting than the car.) Questioning whether you are fit enough? Cycling will help you get fitter, and for those that want of need extra support there is electric assist.

Ignore the niggles, take the plunge, go by bike.

Lapierre models to help you make the switch

The Trekking 2.0 is an ideal bike to use to help you drop some of your car journeys. This bike is designed to cope with whatever, every day living throws at it, and is as comfortable on city streets as it is on country tracks. With frame sizes ranging from small to XXL, it will be easy to find your perfect fit. The Axa Blueline Carrier Mount rear light will help keep you seen. Whether it’s a trip to the shops or your daily commute the bike has the capacity to accommodate your storage needs with its integrated luggage rack and comfortable riding position.

If the thought of going purely by pedal power makes you nervous. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all under your own steam, you can go electric. Our e-Explorer range gives you the perfect option, designed for daily use with plenty room for storage with its integrated luggage rack and a 500Wh battery you can rely on, you can confidently ride it to the shops, on your commute and beyond.

Whether you prefer pedal power or electric assist we have a bike for you that will have you forgetting why you ever went by car.

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