Discover the world of electric, find your freedom and redefine your practice. From the road, to the trails and beyond, ride your next euphoria with Lapierre’s lightweight electric range.

Lapierre eCrosshill electric bike


From the road to the trail, channel the spirit of versatility. The eCrosshill allows you to find comfort and push past your limits thanks to the support of the 250Wh electric assistance. Go further, find your freedom and enjoy the ride.

Lapierre eSensium electric bike


Leave your worries behind with the eSensium electric assisted road bike. Discreet, lightweight, and easy to use, the 250Wh battery ensures total freedom on your next ride. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, don’t hold back, ride with the group and redefine your limits.

Lapierre eZesty light weight electric bike


Designed for the curious, for those looking for a lighter engine, a lighter battery, or maybe even no battery or motor at all… the eZesty challenges everything you thought you knew about electric bikes. Lightweight, and so discreet you won’t even know the engine is there. Discover the freedom of our iconic Zesty, but with an extra boost to help you find your euphoria.