Lapierre X Alpine

Blue excellence

The quest for excellence truly begins when 145 years of history and two visions intersect. Since 2022, Lapierre and Alpine have been affirming their shared heritage in a unique partnership. This exquisitely French collaboration combines high technology and innovative ideas from two worlds.

Firstly, the world of high speed and the exchange of knowledge to develop exclusive products such as the Aircode DRS SE x Alpine, responding in its own way to the acceleration of the Alpine A110 R, and secondly, the world of innovation.  Validated by hours of work in the lab and meticulous field testing, the Aircode DRS SE Le Mans and Overvolt GLP III SE stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their Alpine-powered counterparts.

Overvolt GLP III SE: blue sky on the trails

An electric azure-blue paint job, a revolutionary low-block engine, and the perfect integration of components. The GLP III Alpine Edition redefines e-Enduro boundaries with its performance-oriented features. Rough trails are ridden with more commitment, more balance, more power. It creates its own rules; rules that have never been set before.

Thanks to its Bosch Performance CX-Race motor, the GLP III Alpine combines the precision of the Mullet assembly (29" front wheel / 27.5" rear wheel) with 170mm of travel and the integration of the Kiox 300 display in the top tube. Sleek, stylish, and demanding.

Aircode DRS Alpine : master of space and time

Standing proudly next to the sports car, the Aircode DRS Alpine Edition combines these elements in a world of power and fast acceleration. Modelled on the same blue as the Alpine A110 R - like the GLP III Alpine – the Aircode DRS Alpine edition adopts car-like characteristics: optimized weight/power/reactivity ratio, advanced aerodynamics, responsive acceleration.

The result? This machine defies time and space, with a look as exclusive as its components. 50mm carbon wheels, Shimano Dura-Ace electric drivetrain, aerodynamic cockpit: nothing was forgotten. A bike to be ridden without hesitation.

Aircode DRS Le Mans Edition : science at the service of speed

Competition and performance: these are the two characteristics that push beyond the limits and constantly move past any challenge that presents itself. The Lapierre Aircode DRS Le Mans Edition has been designed, built, and tested by our engineers in Dijon.

Combined with the Formula 1 spirit of the BWT Alpine F1 team, the Le Mans Edition bike finds the resources to beat all speed records on the flat. With its total integration, ultralight carbon fibers and wind-tunnel testing validated on the racetrack, this bike answers the call of the road. With it, there's no need to look any further: you're already beyond your own limits.

GLP III Augmented

Would you like to know more about the GLP III Alpine Edition ? Discover the bike from all angles with a unique virtual reality experience. Scan the QR code and be emersed.

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