Overcome Gravity

The GLP III is the culmination of cutting-edge and unique development work. Designed by experts, tested and validated by professional athletes, the third edition of the GLP adheres to a single philosophy: performance.

This Enduro electric bike is a machine capable of conquering your rides. With it, adventure is written with a capital A and overcomes physical constraints: on steep, bumpy climbs or in technical singletracks, this e-bike offers a fluidity of riding ready to surpass gravity.

Established in 2017, the ‘Gravity Logic Project’ has the ambition to revolutionise the practice of eBike. With a unique kinematics centered around a low engine block closest to the crankset, the GLP series has conquered the eXC, the electric All-Mountain and is now preparing to take down the eEnduro.

Gravity Logic Project

Three letters. Three bikes. One revolution. The Lapierre Gravity Logic Project is an innovative and futuristic turning point in the world of eMTB. The GLP saga comes from the avant-garde vision of Lapierre engineers who followed their instinct: a committed e-bike that tolerates all terrains and all riding styles.

Based on the expertise of athletes such as, Nicolas Vouilloz (multiple Downhill world champion), Jérôme Gilloux (double eEnduro world champion), and the Lapierre Zipp Collective Team (Isabeau Courdurier, Lisandru Bertini, Adrien Dailly etc.) our engineers and designers have developed a bike with revolutionary lines that combines the grace of mountain biking with the fluidity of electric assistance.

Distribute the masses, master the bike

By committing fully to the path of gravity, the project evades the laws of terrestrial gravity. Thanks to the clever placement of the engine block, this offers remarkable frame kinematics capable of drastically lowering the center of gravity and better distributing the masses. Always in search of the best balance, the GLP III is the subtle fusion of know-how and unique technologies made in France.

The legacy


Never 2 without 3. 2017 was already a time when we were aware of the need for innovation to make e-bikes more fluid and stable. The first GLP therefore already displayed its revolutionary characteristics under the name “Overvolt AM” which then had 140-150mm of travel.

It was in 2020 that the Overvolt AM took the name "Overvolt GLP II" with the current familiar lines that have made it world famous. With its improved engine block and its even more committed position (160mm of travel), the GLP II burst onto the scene with the aim of defying gravity: the numerous victories in e-XC or eEnduro competitions attest to its success.

Defy and Overcome Gravity

From now on, history is being written with a third version where the 170mm travel propels the bike into the caste of e-Enduro. No compromise is made for extreme enthusiasts: the new Bosch CX Race engine that equips the Team version propels the athlete while the new carbon frame admits a reactivity never seen before. Accompanied by an ultra-powerful Bosch Powerpack Smartsystem battery, this bike is ready to overcome gravity. Are you ready, too?


Unprecedented sobriety

The top tube has been reworked to offer an aggressive geometry cut for Enduro and incorporates the Bosch Kiox screen for unprecedented sobriety. Better yet, the pivot points have been adjusted to guarantee harmony around the engine block and support the 170mm of travel. This level of damping never seen before for GLP accompanies everyone's ambitions: no path will resist the crossing capacity of this VTTAE.

In addition to the powerful Bosch Performance CX 85 Nm motor, the protection plate has been specially designed to improve motor ventilation and serve as a mudguard. Splashes of water, stones or dust, the battery is therefore protected against hazards and vibrations.

Full engagement

eXC, eEnduro, the GLP III therefore becomes the new benchmark for e-bikes. In technical descents as in resorts, its weight distribution optimised by the kinematics assures and reassures the rider. Above all, this layout allows full engagement and extreme manoeuvrability.

To release the weight constraints on the front triangle, the motor/battery assembly has been placed as close as possible to the pedals in order to concentrate the masses around a center of gravity close to the ground.

GLP III Augmented

Would you like to know more about the GLP III ? Discover the bike from all angles with a unique virtual reality experience. Scan the QR code and be emersed.

The Range

GLP III Team Edition


GLP III Elite Edition


GLP III Alpine Edition


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