Xelius SL 10.0

S Y M B I O S I S - E D I T I O N

When Lapierre meets IA

Lapierre became the first bicycle brand in the world to market a bicycle with a design derived from Artificial Intelligence.

For the first time, a sport item combines art and science !

An original collaboration

Designed in partnership with Obvious - a trio of French artists who are pushing back the boundaries of art using Artificial Intelligence - the new Xelius SL 10.0 Symbiosis edition becomes the first road bike to harmoniously combine an AI-generated design with the visionary expertise of artists. A unique mix of technology and creativity !

A unique design

Through this creation, Lapierre and Obvious wanted to explore the theme of movement and more specifically, the relation between mechanical and biomechanical rotation that links the cyclist to its machine.

The movement is reflected in a distinctive colour code: pink representing humanity and blue symbolising mechanics.

The concentric circles on the frame represent all the points of rotation of the human and the machine : flowers represent the human being and a succession of mechanical gears illustrate the bike.

By combining aesthetics and performance, the Xelius SL 10.0 Symbiosis edition embodies the fusion of artistic expression and the quest for sporting excellence.

An authentic world

In this logic of symbiosis between the human being and the machine, the Obvious artists were inspired by the dystopian science-fiction movement Cyber Punk, in which these two entities come together.

The inspiration also came from William Gibson's novel “Neuromancer”, an iconic work of science fiction. A reference to the book can be found under the diagonal tube, with a mathematical formula reminding us that the characters in the novel are cycling in a stadium where gravity is twice as low as the planet Earth. At the same time, the formula for the algorithm used to generate the patterns is inscribed on the back of the seat tube, amplifying the futuristic aspect of the bike.

The official 2023 Tour de France bike for the Groupama-FDJ and FDJ-Suez teams

Always in search of innovation, Lapierre is setting itself apart this year at the Tour de France 2023 with the new Xelius SL.

Throughout the 21 stages of the Tour de France 2023 and the 8 stages of the Tour de France Femme with Zwift, the riders of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team and the FDJ-SUEZ female riders will be riding the Xelius SL 10.0 Symbiosis Edition, the most versatile performance bike in Lapierre's road range!

Xelius SL 10.0

S Y M B I O S I S - E D I T I O N


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Xelius SL 10.0 Symbiosis Edition


Frame Kit Xelius SL 10.0 Symbiosis Edition


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