Steven Hendrikx: Ardennes, Solitude and Gangsters

Lapierre welcomes a new ambassador to its ranks: Steven Hendrikx. He is a 43-year-old Belgian who loves his country, is passionate about photography and is a passionate cyclist. And when a Belgian says he is passionate about cycling, you must hold on tight... An average of 25,000 kilometres per year including 300,000 metres of ascent and descent. But Steven doesn't ride for numbers...

Steven spends these 25,000 kilometres a year exploring his country, and more particularly the Ardennes. A true lover of this region, he knows every corner, especially all the hidden roads. Of course, the famous Ardennes climbs are part of his repertoire, but what he likes most of all is to get away from the popular routes to escape and feel that feeling of solitude that he loves so much when he is alone in the depths of a thick Ardennes Forest.

Steven Hendrikx - Lapierre ambassador

The paradox of Steven is that he is in love with solitude but is ultra-social. You'll always come across him with a big smile, overflowing energy and a communicative passion that will make you want to jump on your bike and ride. Did you miss the last edition of Liège Bastogne Liège? No problem, he can tell you all about it, just like every one of the last twenty editions.

Steven Hendrikx - Xelius SL3 Lapierre

Steven knows how to share this communicative passion in an original, creative, and inspiring way. Follow him on Instagram or on Strava and discover the concept of Gangster Ardennais. But be careful, if you look at these stories daily, you might get a crazy urge to go riding... alone or with someone, but for sure in the Ardennes!

Steven Hendrikx - taking pictures for his Instagram
Steven Hendrikx - Ardennes - Lapierre

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