Chopper Fielder

Chopper Fielder


Age and county

39 years old eeeekkkk! Hampshire

What you get up to outside of cycling (day job, family, other hobbies etc.)

I am a Presenter for Muc-Off featuring on multiple channels globally. I also head judge the FMBA Slopestyle World Tour. I'm surrounded by women (at home) 2 daughters- Drew and Poppy and my gorgeous lady- Laura. Golf is my go to!

How long you’ve been riding

Since I was 14. Professional since 18. 21 years as a professional.

Your cycling journey

Apparently, I could ride a bike before I could walk so my mum told me. But I don't believe that. So i'm going to say it was around 14 years old. I pursued my love for out of bounds biking- Dirt Jumping! I competed in my first contest at the age of 16 and won it! I then went on to compete at every event imaginable in the UK and won those also. Sponsors flooded in and I was off to America at 21 years of age. I won that major event too! It was a relentless winning spree that catapulted me onto the world scene as one of the best. I have been doing this ever since but with a more trail approach. Expect to see me at a trail sending big jumps and drops and more than likely having a pint at the nearest pub afterwards!

What you love about cycling

I love being my own boss. I ride better when it's in my hands. I bike when I feel down or when I'm on a huge high. I simply live and breathe biking

Preferred discipline


Favourite Lapierre model

Spicy Team Ultimate

What you would like to see in the future of cycling and the brand

I like to see more women involved in freeride. It's the only thing that would complete our sport. This would make Freeride a potential Olympic sport then! Let's get more women sending it together!

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