Lewis Bradley

Lewis Bradley



Age and location

25 years old and currently living in South Wales (The Valleys for most people)

What do you do when you’re not on the bike

Currently I work for my local NHS Health Board, I'm not frontline (I would faint at the sight of a needle) but it's still an extremely busy job in HQ as well as being a solo singer on the weekends. In addition to cycling, I have a passion for most things outdoors. Motorcycles, Climbing, Running, lake swimming...You name it! I do like the occasional drink with mates and they normally come out on the bikes with me, most being on one of Lapierre bikes to try get them into the sport or when they want to try something new like a gravel bike or E-bike. 

Your cycling journey

My cycling journey started when I was 13 years of age, I went to a local downhill track (Rheola) on my dirt jump bike and I was instantly hooked! I raced throughout my teens in Downhill, 4x and Enduro. I managed to get some podium results at national level and did pretty well in the Under 21's Enduro World Series, but nowhere near Lapierre's Adrian Dailly times. After stopping racing to focus on University, I went into Mountain Bike testing for WideopenMag where I first tested a Lapierre Bike and then got to know the Lapierre UK group well. Now graduated, I try to ride every discipline of cycling I can and now getting involved with Ironmans & Triathlon which started over lockdown to look after my mental health and wellbeing while working for my local Health Board in Swansea. 

What do you love about cycling

I couldn't think about a life without cycling, I think my mental health and wellbeing would be drastically different if I didn't have a bike. I love the fresh air, being in the trees, exploring new alpine trails or a long climb on the road bike...It's all about the outdoors! 

Preferred discipline

My preferred discipline is always going to me Enduro Mountain Biking, being in the woods with no distractions! But, my recent triathlons have made me realise how good road bikes have come over the past few years (Big fan of disk brakes). 

Favourite model

The Lapierre Spicy has been amazing, I have thrown everything at it and it still pushes on. I tested the older frame version in 2018 so I was super excited to try the new geometry when it was available. I would say the Lapierre Aircode has been a dream in my Ironman Triathlons this year. It's super versatile, from being a road bike, TT Bike to a fully fledged triathlon machine. 

Future of cycling and the brand

I would like to see Lapierre do more collaborations, the new Alpine x Aircode and the EWS team's custom frames have been awesome to see. I would also like it to grow in the UK, the bikes are perfect for trails over here so I would like to see more shoots and PR in Wales especially. 

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