Maz Durell

Maz Durell


Your age and county

Very old. 40. But in total denial about it!

What you get up to outside of cycling (day job, family, other hobbies etc.)

Outside of cycling I am a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. I live with my partner who of course rides too and our two beautiful and very talented dogs, Molly and Flo. My hobbies are quite eclectic really; aerial acrobatics, paddle boarding, and ice skating have all featured quite heavily at one point or another and I would love to ski more if it was more easily accessible.

How long you’ve been riding

Since 2012

Your cycling journey

I started cycling in 2012. I was looking for a sport that gave me a sense of freedom as I had missed this since stopping competitive ice skating in 2005. I had always been really outdoorsy and when I got on a road bike it was the first time I had truly felt like myself in a long time.

What you love about cycling- I love the variety it offers. Slow steady rides taking everything in. Fast and powerful rides pounding it out. Peaceful solo rides and sociable group rides. It’s so easy to meet and connect with others who ride but you can also do it solo almost any time and anywhere!

Preferred discipline- Road riding is my go to. I love the feeling of speed on the descents but also love that you have to work for it. More recently I’ve been enjoying changing it up with some off-roading and although I still feel out of my depth a lot I am loving challenging myself and learning new skills. It also helps shift your focus as you have to concentrate more on what you are doing.

Favourite Lapierre model

The Lapierre Aircode is an absolute dream.

What you would like to see in the future of cycling and the brand

I’d like to see more people out there enjoying Lapierre bikes. They are so well made and it’s a lovely company to be a part of. It would be dreamy if Lapierre could make some more female specific bikes available (I.e narrower handlebars) and also make their stance on sustainability more visible on the page. Some group rides and more of a community feel would also be awesome.

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