Making this Your Best Cycling Year yet

2023 is well and truly upon bringing with it plenty of exciting opportunities to enjoy yourself on two wheels.

2023 is well and truly upon us, bringing with it plenty of exciting opportunities to enjoy yourself on two wheels. However, in the dark days of January it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to get out on your bike and planning for adventures later in the year can be daunting. But don’t worry, we are here to help.  

We sat down with Lapierre ambassadors Chris Opie and Lewis Bradley to discuss all things 2023. We asked them what they are looking forward to most about the year ahead and for their expert advice on how to make this your best cycling year yet.

Challenge yourself

Setting yourself a personal challenge is the perfect way to keep motivated and to give yourself a sense of achievement as you push beyond your comfort zone.

Primarily a road racer, Chris is taking on the mammoth task of the Transpyr coast-to-coast endurance mountain bike race and is looking forward to a real test. 

“It [the race] will be something that pushes me to a place I’ve never visited before. The fatigue and mental pressure will be hard to handle.” 

Taking on an event of this magnitude isn’t for everyone and it’s important to note that challenging yourself doesn’t have to mean attempting superhuman feats. The sense of satisfaction that you derive from the first time you manage a climb without stopping or cycle the furthest you ever have before, cannot be underestimated. 

For some, stepping away from intense training can be equally challenging. If you are someone who trains hard to a strict programme, maybe it is time to relax the routine for a short while and focus on the fun aspects of riding again. 

Letting the wheels go where they will for a change, can be a liberating experience. Next time you get on your bike, set aside the schedule and feel the excitement that the open road has to offer. Just make sure you remember the way home.

Explore the World

Cycling offers unrivalled freedoms to discover new places and sights. Previously hidden lanes will reveal themselves, wild animals won’t flee as you pass. Quaint pubs and secret streams are out there waiting to be discovered. The ability to wander at your own pace is something to be cherished.

Lewis is always ready for an adventure and is looking forward to what this year has installed. 

“I’ve got my Lapierre gravel bike and I want to do some bike packing on it. I think it would be a good opportunity to get away for one or two days and focus on some exploration”. 

Speaking more on his travel experiences, Lewis was quick to point out that this doesn’t have to mean venturing far from home. 

“I want to do some more adventure cycling [in the UK] on my mountain bike this year. I’m going on some big days out to Snowdonia and the lakes of Wales to take on some unconventional routes.” 

Getting out into the world can do wonders for both your mind and body. Something as simple as taking some time for yourself to let the hustle and bustle of everyday life slide away, can do wonders for your mood and give you a serotonin boost.

Do not be Afraid to take Risks

After spending a few seasons away from the road, Chris is preparing to pin his race numbers on for the first time since 2018. This is a risk that Chris is ready to take and he was eager to tell everyone that they should do something similar. 

“I think it’s become easy to find an excuse not to do things, so if you have the opportunity to do something [exciting] you should take the chance and throw yourself at it”. 

Lewis is also no stranger to taking risks, taking part in two ‘IronMan’ triathlon events within the space of a few weeks was a chance that he could not let pass him by. After pushing himself to the limit, the Welshman walked away with two impressive results. Lewis’ results prove that sometimes the risk can be worth the reward. 

“In Portugal I did a half Iron Man and finished in four hours 57 minutes, then at Iron Man Wales my target was to finish under 13 hours, and I came in at 12 hours 21 minutes” he said. 

Taking a leap of faith is not something that comes naturally to most. Saying ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’ when an opportunity comes knocking, can maximise the sense of pleasure that cycling gives. So why not try that group ride that you have been putting off? Or take the ‘left’ path if you usually go ‘right’? It might make all the difference.

Watch a Bike Race Live

Taking in some live bike racing is something that is always worth experiencing.  Whatever discipline you choose there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a race. The thrill of feeling the wind in your face as the riders fly by, or the roar of the velodrome as riders speed round the track, is something that cannot be fully understood until you have experienced it for yourself. 

There are plenty of magnificent events taking place in the UK each season such as the Tour of Britain, Women’s Tour and the National Championships, but this year offers something extra special. 

The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships are coming to Glasgow and will feature almost all disciplines for the first time in history. It promises to be an unbelievable period of racing and Lewis is looking ahead to it already. 

“I want to [go to the World Championships], it would be good to watch the MTB at Fort William as it’s somewhere I’ve covered races and raced myself in the past”. 

Some of the other amazing events taking place in Scotland include the road race, track and para-cycling. The host of talent on display looks set to be breath-taking. We are looking forward to it already. 

2023 looks set to be a brilliant year of cycling in the UK. Whether you’re setting yourself a challenge, searching for adventure, taking a few risks, or simply going along to your first ever bike race, have a great year and make the most of it!

Our thanks go to both Chris Opie and Lewis Bradley for providing their expertise for this piece. Chris and Lewis will each be back soon as we explore how setting performance goals can be a great way of maximising your cycling ability this year.

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