5 Best Cycling Tips for Beginners in 2024

Spring is almost over, and the sun is finally starting to reappear. For many of us cycling veterans that means it’s time to put the trusty winter workhorse away and wheel out the glitzy summer steed for another season of adventures.

For those that haven’t ridden a bike since they were a child, the summer is also a great time to get back out there. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most important things to consider when ‘starting-out’ in cycling. Hopefully we can inspire you to get on your bike and take in everything this wonderful sport has to offer.

So, what are our Cycling Tips?

It’s all about the bike

When first starting out in cycling, it can be difficult to know which bike is best for you. Perhaps you aren’t sure which discipline you want to specialise in, or even what size you need to go for. Therefore, ensuring you do your research before taking the plunge is a vital part of getting the ball rolling.

Our range of beginner-friendly road and mountain bikes are ideal for cycling newbies and more experienced riders in equal measure. The Lapierre Sensium makes road riding accessible to all and will have you enjoying your time on skinny tyres, while the Edge makes tackling the trails a truly exhilarating experience. Getting the best bike for your needs isn’t always about breaking the bank.

Choose the right equipment

Going hand in hand with our previous point, you should also ensure you have the correct equipment before stepping on the pedals for the first time. In terms of safety, a sturdy helmet that fits well will help to protect your head if the worst should happen.

If you want to take things more seriously, investing in a pair of cycling shoes is also a great idea. Being clipped into your pedals can take some getting used to though, so don’t be surprised if you fall off a few times before mastering the art of un-clipping at traffic lights.

Clothing can also be important in the summer as it can be hard to figure out what the British weather is going to do. For the most part, a short sleeve jersey and cycling specific shorts should do the trick. However, you could also take a rain jacket, sunglasses and cycling gloves with you to make your rides that little bit more comfortable.

Training is Key

There are many reasons why people take up cycling, one of which is to improve their fitness. Cycling can be one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular and muscular health, it can also be a great way to clear your head.

In terms of physical health, regular training is the best way to notice an improvement. We’re not talking about training to become the next Tour de France champion however, as just two to four hours of cycling per week can result in a noticeable change to your overall fitness levels.

If you’re somebody that likes to keep track of their training data, the rise in fitness tracking applications make this easy for anybody with a smartphone. Once you know your limits, you are better placed to move towards the next step of your cycling journey.

Set yourself a Target

Once you’ve grasped the basics of cycling and are aware of where you’re at physically, you can begin to set yourself achievable targets. These targets can range from beating your personal best on a climb to entering your first sportive event. Either way it’s good to have a goal to keep you motivated to ride.

Setting up a training schedule is a brilliant way of keeping track of your progress. By tracking when you’re riding and for how long, you can ensure that you aren’t training too much or too little as both can have detrimental effects on performance. Once you’ve established the perfect schedule, you can begin to try and ‘peak’ for when you aim to achieve your objective. To simplify this concept, ‘peaking’ essentially involves being in your best physical and mental condition the moment you want to put in a strong performance or achieve a certain goal. The idea is something used by professional cyclists across all disciplines.

The Most Important Cycling Tip

All this talk of training and peak performance can be draining for some and that’s perfectly fine. The most important thing about cycling is that it should be enjoyed as this is what truly makes the sport what it is. Whether you want to build your fitness, feel an adrenaline rush on the trails or simply join your local club’s café ride, enjoying yourself is all you should really think about.

If you’re attempting to build towards a particular goal, times can get tough and your mental and physical endurance will be tested. With this in mind, it’s important to remember why you started out in the first place.

Now that you’ve been armed with the knowledge of how you can start-out on your cycling journey, check out the great range of beginner-orientated bikes we have to offer. If you need a little more support with choosing the right model for you, visit your local Lapierre dealer who will be happy to show you the range and measure you up. It’s time to saddle up to take on the road, trails and just about anywhere else you can ride your bike.

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