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No we do not sell direct from the factory. All sales are via our network of approved retailers.

As we offer no direct sales we cannot offer discounts. Only Lapierre retailers are able to decide whether or not to offer a discount.

We are not able to manufacture unique bikes coming from a specific request.

We currently do not offer customized bikes nor make specific changes to the factory bikes. If you wish to change a component of the bike, you can ask your closest dealer, who can make changes in the shop for you and inform you on prices.

You must firstly note the problem with your closest dealer (taking your receipt of purchase).

The dealer will do a diagnostic check, and send the part to the correct manufacturer (if it’s a part from Shimano, Fox…) or to Lapierre, if the problem is with a Lapierre product.

On reception, the Lapierre After Sales Service will investigate and propose a solution via your dealer.

As specified in our warranty conditions, certain bike-component manufacturers manage their own After Sales Service. Therefore, the warranty request will not pass via Lapierre. This is in order to address the problem by an experienced team, with an extensive knowledge of the product, the possible problems and the possible solutions.

These After Sales Services are completely independent of Lapierre and we cannot intervene in any cases that have been entrusted to them.

You should contact your closest dealer. Dealers are always our intermediary in the case of a technical problem. Any parcel delivered directly to us by the consumer will be refused.

Yes, you can visit any Lapierre dealer. You just need to take your purchase receipt with you.

All Lapierre dealers can also deal with a warranty request. However, they may charge you for delivery costs and workshop time.

Unfortunately, we are not able to repaint frames. We advise you to contact a painter or body-work specialist in your area.

We do have a showroom. However, it is only open to Lapierre retailers and by appointment. Please note it is not open to consumers.

For confidentiality reasons, our factory is closed to the public. Due to this, we cannot unfortunately organize visits, even for groups.

You can get hold of promotional stickers by sending a stamped envelope to the address:

Cycles Lapierre, BP 50573, 21005 Dijon Cedex.

Please note that we do not have any decals to replace those originally on a bike following a repaint.

The serial number appears on a barcode, which is located at the bottom part of the seat tube and close to the bottom bracket. It should start with "LP".


Yes. Depending on the process used, this can cause weaknesses to the frame. In the case of a problem, the Lapierre After Sales Service reserves the right to refuse the warranty on a bike that has been repainted.

This guarantees a bike part, so that it can be replaced free of charge with an equivalent or superior part. Your dealer may, however, bill you for shipping costs and for the costs of replacing the part.

Unfortunately, our bikes are only warrantied for the initial purchaser. When you buy a second-hand model you should ask the owner for details of transport, storage, care and any changes made to the bike.

From 2009 to the present day, the warranty is five years for the frame (except for the Dirt, DH & Froggy : 2 years), two years for the parts, one year for the paint and artwork.

For 2008 and before, the warranty is two years for full suspension frames and five years on rigid frames, two years on parts and one year for paint and artwork.

The warranty is only valid for the initial purchaser, and is not valid if the bike is used in competitions.

Choosing and buying a Lapierre product

The best thing to do at the moment is to visit your local Lapierre dealer for advice. A dealer can assess what bike size may suit better for your body type (leg measurement, arm length, etc.) and your riding style.

If you are between two sizes, you should also visit your dealer and test the two sizes in the shop.

Several models are available in a frame kit, please check with your distributor or your local Lapierre dealer.

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