ISO 9001:2008

All Lapierre products are designed, and conceived in France. We take pride in this fact, and that at our historical base in Dijon, since 1946, we still have our major assembly line. We are now proud to announce the new ISO 9001-2008 certification obtained in early 2015.

Obtaining ISO certification

Throughout 2014 we put in place a number of actions towards obtaining certification. The audit carried out in December 2014 by UTAC showed that our actions conform to the high standards of the auditors. Performance indicators were defined for each department, in order to carefully follow all work carried out in Dijon. Lapierre received the Label ISO 9001:2008 in February 2015.

The auditors had numerous points to check: production process formalities; internal procedures; management and control of the production line; the putting in place of preventative and corrective actions.

The final objective is the guarantee of excellence for our products and services in order to ensure a continuing improvement. The actions put into place have already had an impact on our services.

This was also an opportunity to reinforce the quality control systems. A new coordination between R&D, Product Management and our Suppliers has been put into place.

We are committed for the long term, in order to ensure the toughest quality control and best possible customer satisfaction.

This new certification guarantees :

  • Conformity of our products & engagements

  • Client satisfaction

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Longevity of our company

Continual improvement

Lapierre’s MD, Gilles Lapierre commented “Achieving certification is the first step in a process of continual improvement. In the long term working practices will evolve throughout the entire organisation to ensure that ever higher standards of quality and customer care are met. This is our guarantee to you that Lapierre products will continue to be produced to the highest standards of quality.”

This label ISO 9001:2008 can now be applied to all products produced in Dijon. This is a strong sign of our commitment to quality, and the quality of our products.

It’s also a strategic tool that enables us to reduce costs, diminish potential errors and improve productivity and reliability.

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